Parliament: Leasehold & Commonhold Briefing Paper

Last week, Parliament released a briefing paper to update MPs and anyone else on the situation with leasehold reform. The briefing paper is at the link below:

Among other things it says:

  • The use of leasehold is increasing, especially by private developers
  • This is probably not a good thing (although entirely legal)
  • Commonhold, which was supposed to replace leasehold, has not taken off.

Note that ground rent, one of the major issues with private leasehold, is not a problem for Council leaseholders because the Council only charges a peppercorn ground rent.

Leaseholders’ Forum Meeting – May

The next meeting of the Leaseholders’ Forum will take place on Tuesday 28 May at 7:00 pm at the Crowndale Centre, just near Mornington Crescent Underground Station).

A leasehold advice surgery will be held there from 5:30 pm. To book an appointment with someone from the Council’s Leaseholder Services team to discuss any particular issue you might have with your Council-owned leasehold property, email them on , or call 020 7974 4444.