Things to do while isolated – Keeping Fit

As this time of social distancing goes on, it becomes more and more important to do some sort of exercise to keep fit and and active.

There are all sorts of things available to help us do that, from apps to websites, to Youtube channels.

Websites like allow circular walks of various lengths to be followed. Just put in your starting point, how long you’d like to walk, and your walking speed, and it will do the rest.

Or you’ve heard of Joe Wicks and his morning workout classes for kids (and adults!):

If this is a bit too much, there are more gentle exercises such as Chinese qigong (pronounced chee GOONG [tʃiːˈgʊŋ]) exercises. Below are some exercises concentrating on improving lung function (useful right now!).

So however you like to do it, keep active!

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